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Letting go of mental barriers as a developer

Letting go of mental barriers as a developer

What you once knew you couldn't do

As a beginner developer I was, and still am, faced with lots of problems that just seemed like so out of my league and despite me trying to solve them, it was either impossible and I gave up or required a lot of effort.

Nothing new here, everyone has to bite on what they can chew on.. So immediately I put these problems on the shelf of “this is out of my league, maybe some day”.

Concept vs Implementation

The frustrating part was that I largely understood the implementation showed in examples and tutorials but I couldn't see myself doing it, the underlying principles passed over my head.

After some months down the line, more coding, more time to think, read, understand I realised that maybe some things aren't actually that complex now... hold on.

I believe is because programming has many interconnected concepts so understanding some can very well mean that it will translate to other areas.

Beating your past self

My brain’s ability to conquer concepts and make abstractions has increased almost without me noticing but the things I once put on that shelf still remained as they were, didn’t receive the “updates” I got along the way, learning and doing.

This quickly limits potential because whenever I came across any form of content regarding this problem I would just straight away ignore it because I knew I had once put it in that shelf... Even though it would be something I’d probably know how to do now.

I haven't found any remedy to this other than

You gotta' update your barriers

Meaning whenever you ecounter intimidating code just dive in it with *IMPORTANT* the attitude of "this is easy, I got it" even if you don't, you will, sooner than you think.

I've found that if I approach hard things intentionally with confidence and a *superior* standing point I am able to view things from a more clear perspective.

On the contrary, if I feel overwhelemed, it progressively gets worse. I'm not seeing the forest for all the trees.

Attitude has a very high impact, attitude is something you can change, your environment is probably less in your control.

Thank you for reading!

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